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Recipe 1: White Loaves

Hannah: Day one of the baking challenge. White loaves. Jessica and I go to the grocery store to buy all the necessary ingredients.  Yeast. Check. Bread flour. Check. Unsalted butter. Check. Seems pretty simple.

Jessica starts in on the challenge. First problem, we don’t have a baking thermometer. No problem we just use a human thermometer (after having been thoroughly cleaned.)  Serves the same relative purpose, right? Second problem, for some reason our yeast does not seem to get that nice creamy texture that we have seen in all the google pictures.

Jessica demonstrating her domestic bliss! Pearls and all.

Jessica: I should not have had coffee before baking.  Temperamental yeast and jittery me do not make frothy foam.  But this next packet is blooming, awesome.

It's active! Whew, we were worried.

Hannah: We have completed the first step and everything seems to be going as planned. I get giddy over how beautiful our dough ball looks. I celebrate with a glass of red wine. I firmly believe baking and red wine go hand in hand. We are interviewing new roommate candidates today. One of the girls who is coming to look at the house is a pastry chef. I hope she isn’t intimidated by our really awesome baking skills 🙂

Our beautiful little dough ball!

J: The rest of baking went fairly straight-forward.  We stuck to the recipe like the dough stuck to that dough hook.  At one point, I was weighing the mixer down with my body to keep it from rocking off the counter.  One incidental mishap, our mixer bowl is now permanently affixed to its housing, and no amount of Hannah’s and my combined strength could free it.  Oh well, I’ll save that battle for another day.  

While Hannah showed our potential roommate our humble dwelling, I popped those yeasty air bubbles and shaped the loaves.  How domestically blissful I must appear to our new guest, apron, pearls, and all.  If she doesn’t want to join this, get out of the kitchen.

Blogging and watching the loaves rise.

H:   The house is now filled with the scent of homemade bread. Despite my limited contribution to this project, I have a strange sense of pride about how these loaves turned out.  They are perfectly shaped, golden on all sides, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Yum.

The lovely loaves!


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19 thoughts on “Recipe 1: White Loaves

  1. They look great! Congratulations!

  2. I’ve had the same problem with my mixer getting stuck to the base. Do you think cooling it will help? If you can’t get it off with pure muscle at room temp, I’d suggest sticking the whole thing in the fridge or freezer, then try again when it is cold (not that I’ve done this, but it sounds just scientific enough to work). Can’t hurt, right?

  3. The loaves look great! My hubby had to rescue my bowl from the mixer’s grip. Someone suggested lubing the grooves with cooking spray though I have never tried it. Best of luck!

  4. Your loaves look great! I love your line: “We stuck to the recipe like…”

  5. The bread looks great. It would be so fun to have a pastry chef-roommate! Good luck with the mixer bowl. It has to cave eventually, right?

  6. Too funny! Looks like you survived and had great success with the recipe.
    Good luck on the roomate hunt.

  7. You guys are too cute, and lucky. None of my friends enjoy cooking, let alone baking, so I go through all my cooking struggles alone. And now to have a pastry chef in the building. Lucky, lucky you!!

  8. Love the bread! And people don’t always wear pearls when they bake? That’s just wrong.

  9. Looks like the bread was a success! Glad you survied! Love the pearls – maybe we should bring back baking with pearls, so sophisticated.

  10. Just love that post! Your bread looks great. I’m sure your roommate candidate was impressed! (my bowl wanted to stick too… finally got it wrestled out). Oh, and red wine and baking… totally agree. 🙂

  11. Your bread has character! Just like your blog. Loved reading it. Very funny stuff.
    I am bookmarking you gals.

    Happy Baking!

  12. Wow, look at those loaves! I’m certain now that my yeast was dead.

  13. Great post!! Welcome to the group. Nice job on the bread.

  14. Nice post. Your bread looks great. Don’t know if it would work but if you haven’t been able to loosen the bowl fill it with ice and a cup of water. It might shrink the bowl enough for it to come loose. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten one pan stuck inside another and had to ask a visiting workman for help.

  15. Go team! Nice loaves, and glad to hear you got your bowl unstuck.

  16. My bowl got stuck to the kitchenaid for a while too! Only hard pounding got it out.

  17. Looks lovely. I’m glad the mixer survived the adventure. I’m looking forward to baking and blogging with the group this week.

  18. Great post and the loaves look beautiful. It took a couple of gentle blows with a meat tenderizing hammer to get the bowl free for me.

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