Trumping the Tart

A tale of tasty trials

Recipe 2: Chocolate Truffle Tartlets

Special thanks to Sarah for chronicling this week’s tasty trial!

We begin this week’s culinary adventure with a guest baker, guest blogger (that’s me!), and excitement in our hearts.  We set out to make two tarts – one in an eight inch pan and the second in a ten inch.

As we began hand mixing the chopped butter into the dry ingredients, we were a smidge uncertain if this was going as it was supposed to.  “Simple and straight forward” is the perfect way to describe this recipe?  We were definitely on the right track if the track was a rickety path to confusion.  We incorporated a dough blender but found our fingers to be the most productive alone.  We quickly determined that a food processor would be in order if one didn’t have a perfectly smooth surface on which to work.  Even then, our results are questionable at this point.  After forming our crumbly cubes, we put them in the fridge, quite convinced that Julia would not approve.  We sought out a video of Julia working on this same recipe and were glad we did.  Aggressiveness was the theme of the video when mixing this crust.  We quickly pulled our dough back out of the fridge to show it who was boss, pounding it like it stole our bikes.  What a difference!  It formed much better.  We also decided to add an extra half yoke and let it set in the freezer.  We’ll see…

Arriana working that butter

Look at those egg separation skills

Reminds me of Hawaii

After 30 minutes, we pulled our dough out and began rolling – utilizing a rolling pin for one batch and a wine bottle (oh, the many uses) for the second.  This took a little muscle  and we did find transferring the dough to be a slight challenge, but once the crust was laid out in the pans, it now appears we are on the road to success.  Surprisingly, the dough does not taste very sweet.  We are hoping this must then be the perfect backdrop to a sugary, chocolaty, decadent filling.

Let the filling begin!  Despite Hannah’s cautionary words, “But the recipe says…,” Jessica moved us forward in the prep work with the plan to melt the chocolate and butter directly in the pot.  No second bowls for this daring team.  The mixing of the other ingredients took it’s sweet time.  We realized at this point that our dinner out plans needed to be canceled as this recipe was not letting us out any time soon.  Be sure to plan for several hours in the kitchen.  We added biscotti to one batch and not to the other.  One batch was also whipped longer than the other causing a significant difference in prebaked filling color.  Only the taste test later will tell us which were the best choices.

Cooling of the crusts consisted of about 5 minutes (if that) in the freezer.  After adding the filling, we put the tarts back in the oven for 15 minutes.  We are expecting, though, that given the size of our tarts (we didn’t have tartlet pans) that it may take longer.

Finished!  Almost.  The 10 inch tart came out at 22 minutes.  The second one continued to flirt with us (or mock us) from behind the glass oven window.  We pulled the second out at 28 minutes, not positive that it was ready to come out, but positive that we wanted it to come out.

Oh the agony of having to wait to be able to taste our labor of love…

Thanks for joining us, Arriana and Sarah!


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5 thoughts on “Recipe 2: Chocolate Truffle Tartlets

  1. A great group effort!

  2. It’s so nice you did this with a group of friends. I’m curious, though – which tart won the taste test?

  3. Nice work, team! I loved the action shots. Thanks for baking along with us this week.

  4. Great work, all!
    Love the little cocoa-egg volcano 🙂

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