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Cheesy pie, molto delizioso

Pizza Rustica

If this was a scratch-n-sniff blog, we would fill the page with the word “Mmmm” and let the scent of cheese and sweet crust waft its tantalizing tendrils through the screen. Our house smells divine. And it sounds very quiet, punctuated here and there with, “Mmm…mmm,” as we eat. Maybe it helped that, today, I worked for my pie. Hannah and I both did, as her mother is coming to visit in a few hours. Better get that house clean.

This was a good teamwork recipe: one person can do the cheese grating/filling making while the other mixes the dough. And if you have a tiny food processor, like we do, we processed in batches and the timing worked out perfectly.

I am not a prosciutto fan and had no remorse for finding only a 3 oz package at Freddy’s versus the listed 4 oz. Today, however, prosciutto has shown me its smoky side and tempted me to a more open mind. Those little ribbons of ham wove themselves beautifully through the ricotta-mozzarella-pecorino fluff. Fresh parsley would have made a bigger punch of flavor, but the freeze-dried flakes we found in our cabinet were sufficient. For this, Molto Mario might frown, but if he offered to chop those scraggly leaves himself, I would welcome fresh parsley. We even forgot the pepper (Mario is really frowning now), but decided we must press on, or sprinkle it on later. It did not seem to matter, as my tongue was set to “cheese” only after the first bite. Then the cheese coma subsided, and we both agreed that the crust was the silent star.

Zuzu loves baking days.

Hannah and I were brainstorming lots of crust-filling marriages, and I silently contemplated baking the crust as a giant cookie. The dough was the easiest to roll of all doughs in our TWD journey thus far. I may have rolled it a little too thin, but Hannah squished together the cracks and was a fabulous lattice designer. As this was her inaugural performance, we skipped the diagonal slanting. We also attempted to shape the letter “C” for, of course, “cheese,” but this dough did not hold up well to sculpting. The “C” could also stand for “chunk of change,” since this is likely a special brunch dish instead of daily sustenance. Bring on the wedding and baby showers!

Fortunately for us, no one wants 3/4th a pie at their brunch table, might as well finish this one off. I’m sure we can entice Hannah’s mom to help. I’m envisioning dinner: a hefty slice paired with salsa, sauteed peppers, and a crisp Pinot Gris.  Mmmm.

molto delizioso


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12 thoughts on “Cheesy pie, molto delizioso

  1. I ended up doing the dough by hand because I did not have the right supplies, but it still turned out great!

  2. I totally agree that the crust was the star here.

  3. Agree. The crust really did steal the show on this one.

  4. Wendy on said:

    Zuzu ia so cute! I’m glad the pizza rustica was a hit!

  5. I really enjoyed your blog! I thought the same thing about the crust…so easy and not sticky!!! Your pictures look great and I love the lattices 🙂

  6. Scratch and sniff! Yes, when will be able to do that on a blog??

  7. Absolutely loved reading your blog.
    Your pie looks beautiful.

    Very cool how you ended it…with a photo of you + pie. (I may use that idea someday…if you don’t mind)


  8. The crust was one of the easiest I have ever worked with for sure.
    Glad you were able to save the world from a partially eaten pie 🙂

  9. LOL, how many baby showers and bridal showers are you going to be hosting now? 🙂 How great that you enjoyed it so much! We are thinking a spicy sausage would taste good with this recipe and some different veggies inside too 🙂

  10. Hah, Zuzu looks like quite the attentive kitchen helper! 🙂

  11. Wonderful looking pie, I mean pizza.

  12. I agree that the crust was the “silent star”! I used parsely flakes instead of fresh as well, and I regretted it. Your pie looks great!

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