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Sunny Lemon Cake

Lemon Loaf Cake

Lemon cake: our latest TWD project and a light, fluffy addition to our dinner party tonight. I think our sunny yellow lemons ushered in a weekend of real sunshine for us Oregonians. I was so excited to be outdoors, I took a little cake slice on a backyard fieldtrip today. Of course this turned into a pre-dinner snack, and with the fresh lemonade from those three large lemons, it was summer in my mouth.

The recipe was simple, outside of some (wo)man-power to whip the fluffiness into those eggs. Thank you to Hannah. Hannah commanded this recipe, and held her own in a kitchen quickly filling with more cooks than counter space. Our intention was to finish the cake before our dinner chefs arrived, however sunshiny days do shine light on many ways to procrastinate.

LEMON was the theme of dinner and dessert, a wonderful coincidence. Our dinner party chefs were busy crafting a lemon-chicken risotto while we melted and re-solidified butter and scratched our lemons with a cheese grater. My roommate walked into the house and thanked me for Pledge-ing the tables. I did not correct her. With all the lemon-essence in the house, our only faintly citric cake saved our faces from long-lasting puckers. It was a dainty finish.

The risotto used my favorite Chardonnay.

We went crafty with some poppy seeds before letting our cake bake for a good 62 min. A toothpick test at 50 min revealed soup was still bubbling under the crust. At 58 min, a tacky toothpick. So at 62, we called it good, however I think it was a few minutes too long. The cake, with its light and fluffy body, was somewhat dry. It did lead to a fun discovery of pouring a small amount of lemonade over the cake, a-maz-ing. I’ll admit, it was a strange but tasty way to infuse some tang.

(Poppy seeds inside a parchment paper cone make a somewhat easy stylus.)

Next time, more zest (or lemon extract?), a glaze, and shorter bake time. And more sunny weather to match!


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16 thoughts on “Sunny Lemon Cake

  1. Oooooo, love the poppy seed trick!

  2. WOW poppy seed swirls! Gorgeous! Sounds like a lovely meal; lemons are so multipurpose!
    (I made the same slightly-overcooking mistake. Seemed not done, not done, then suddenly overdone! Must be the recipe, not us. haha)

  3. A sunny delight is right! I love the poppy seeds..beautiful!

  4. Your decoration with the poppy seeds looks lovely and your slice does look fluffy!

  5. that’s a lovely poppy seed design!

  6. Great looking cake! I love the poppyseed design. Very creative.

  7. Very pretty poppyseed design! We had a lemon-themed meal too – Lemon Risotto.

  8. Teresa on said:

    The poppy seed swirls are so pretty! Interesting idea to use the lemonade on the cake, too!

  9. Looks lovely! I love the addition of the poppy seeds on top.

  10. Very elegant & creative!

  11. Love, love LOVE the poppy seed trick. Mind if I borrow it?

  12. From a fellow TWD member, THAT is an awesome design and decorating tip! I have never seen that before, what a creative idea!

  13. I like the poppy seed design.
    And I think it’s funny that the cake smell made your roomate think you had Pledged the furniture.

  14. cookingjulia on said:

    I have never thought to decorate with poppy seeds. That looks gorgeous!

  15. I had a similar situation with how long it took to cook! Love the look of the poppy seeds 🙂

  16. I love the poppy seed swirls! Inspired choice!

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