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Hungarian Shortbread

My partner-in-crime, Jessica, was away for the week. And I forgot that it was a baking weekend for Tuesdays with Dorie baking group. When I finally realized on Sunday, I hurried and made the Hungarian Shortbread (this week’s recipe). Without Jessica, who normally takes the blogging reins, I put off the task.

That being said, Hungarian Shortbread is DELICIOUS. It takes all of me not to eat the entire 9×12 pan in one sitting. I am thankful that I have several roommates, so that I don’t get consistent heart burn from gorging on the buttery treat. And a buttery treat it is! With a pound of butter  this recipe is simple and delightful to make. The grating the dough to form the base and the top was a first for me. It created a nice bumpy texture. I found that the shortbread came out crumbly and soft (and very sweet.) The recipe called for a homemade jam. This being my first TWD without a partner, I decided to stick to a store bought jam. I think it came out just as well.  I will definitely make this one again. 


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2 thoughts on “Hungarian Shortbread

  1. Great that it turned out so well! I really enjoyed it too.

    Also, I’ve nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award!

  2. I cheated and pulled jams that I had in the pantry.
    Kudos for taking the reins this week – thanks for baking along!

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