Trumping the Tart

A tale of tasty trials

Sticky Bun Re-Cap

What can cure a blogging slump? Definitely 3 days in 90-degree sunshine. Thank you Vegas, for despite your light-show-on-amphetamines buzz, you provided my roommate and I with a much needed battery recharge.

We love vacations!

We actually did make the Pecan Sticky Buns along with the TWD group, but at the time did not want to smudge our keyboards with caramelized goo. These chewy-gooey rolls were delicious. Here’s a little photo history of our Sticky Bun journey. To summarize, the dough-butter-dough laminating wasn’t as tedious as we had expected. The overall process, however, was a solid 2 1/2 day effort. At least we have an extra sticky bun log for quicker satisfaction next time. Good things come to those who freeze 🙂

Let’s laminate

We keep the butter industry in business.

A springform pan works great. And how fun that they bake upside down.

It looks like a success!
(cookbook photo courtesy of Baking With Julia, 1996)

No excuse for delayed blogging, but a girl’s gotta eat.


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