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A Story: Semolina Bread

Much like a cheap mystery novel where you read the beginning, scan the middle, and finish the end, is my story with the Semolina bread.

In the beginning: 

“It’s dead.”

“No, it can’t be–just give it time.”

“The water was hotter than a hot tub and it is still not foaming. I’m telling you, it…is…dead.”

Not trusting Jessica’s opinion, I remove myself from my window seat and peer into the metal bowl she is holding. The yeast is indeed dead.

“Doesn’t yeast have to eat? What if I sprinkle in some sugar? How about some salt?”

Before I could answer, Jessica grabs a pinch of sugar and tosses it into the bowl. We stare expectantly. Nothing.

“I don’t think that worked,” I say, “I can pick some more up at the store.”

Jessica crinkles her nose and with disgust stares back into the bowl. “Nah, I’ve got two more packets of yeast. Let’s just try those.”

And we do with various combinations. Did the yeast like salt? Nope. Sugar? Nope. Is it not hungry and just wants to be left alone? Nope.

“I’ll go buy new yeast,” Jessica sighs, admitting defeat.

Finally foaming!


“What can I do to help?”

“Let’s add more flour, the dough is pretty sticky”

Our new yeast was working as it was suppose to. Fourth time and a brand new packet was just the ticket. It had risen nicely and we were now in the dough forming stages. I added a couple tablespoons more flour and pulled the sticky dough from the bowl.

Beautiful semolina flour

Still sticky

“Ugh, good thing I don’t have any tactile defensiveness.” Showing my dough laden hands to Zuzu.

“What do you think Zuzu? Jump Zuzu! Jump!” I say after I notice her sudden attention to my food crusted hands. She jumps just high enough to get a lick of the dough. Being of particular taste, she has had her fill and walks away.

“Alright Jess–I’ve got to go meet up with a random guy I met on a (reputable) internet dating site. Hopefully I don’t end up dead like our little yeast friends.”

Rolling her eyes and giving me a placating smile, she goes back to finishing up this week’s baking challenge.

what happens when you put the camera in a fruit bowl

having Naan flashbacks


“How was your date?” Jess asks as I walk in the door at 11:00pm.  The house bursting with smells of fresh bread.

“Meh, I’m alive. I consider it a success. Wait a second did you bake the bread? I thought you were going to wait!”

“It is in the oven now. I didn’t want it to rise too much and get puffy like the naan. That was naan-sense.”

The timer goes off and we make our way to the kitchen. Jess pulls from the oven a beautiful little loaf of Semolina bread topped with golden sesame seeds. Not waiting for it to cool, we cut into the tough outer crust which protects its doughy insides.

This was story of tragic beginnings, soft middles, and crunching endings. Delicious.


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16 thoughts on “A Story: Semolina Bread

  1. Cute story. Mmm buttery goodness – can not wait to try mine with butter in the morning. Great last pic – it shows off the crunchy and softness of the bread.

  2. Yes, that yeast is tricky stuff! This was a fun recipe, looks like the end results were perfect.

  3. Glad to hear you survived the date – it’s a tough world…
    Cute post – I like your almost ciabatta-like loaf 🙂

  4. It ended well! Woohoo!
    You loaf look like a leaf. 🙂

  5. Fourth time´s a charm! I like the sesame seeds and the crunchiness! The fruit-bowl camera shot is great

  6. Great post 🙂 I enjoyed this bread!

  7. Your bread looks great, love the sesame seeds. This recipe was stressful:)

  8. I love a happy ending! Your bread turned out great!

  9. The sesame seeds are a great add-0n. Tragic, soft, and crunchy semolina bread 🙂

  10. Very cute! Glad the bread (and the date) worked out well!

  11. Love your story. And the loaf looks great too!

  12. Teresa on said:

    Funny post! I like the shape you gave the bread, too.

  13. I’m glad there was a happy ending! The sesame seeds are a great addition. We enjoyed the bread — even if our dog didn’t. (She begged for a bite and then went to spit it out in the living room.)

  14. Nom! Look at that butter! Your loaf was way bigger than mine…maybe my yeast was half-dead haha.

  15. teaandscones on said:

    Glasd you are alive and your bread turned out so well!!! I loved the chwy-ness of this one. Mine was alfully damp/limp so I ended up baking it in a loaf pan. NOT the best idea, but still good.

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