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Goodbye July Pie

It was an event-packed summer weekend to say goodbye to July, with some late-night baking squeezed in. Our blog this week is therefore a photomontage.

The crust was delicious, very flaky. The filling was also wonderful, with just the right amount of lemon. If only we could figure out how to thicken it. No matter, it made a great fruit soup.

This pie was a fun little summer project and a great dessert to carry us into another hopefully-warm month!


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9 thoughts on “Goodbye July Pie

  1. Great looking pie! Nice pics of the whole process.

  2. I like your photo montage! Your pie looks really great!

  3. I would have loved to eat your pie. The crust looks especially great!

  4. Mine didn’t thicken either, but I thought it made a great sauce over the vanilla ice cream I served it with. You pictures look great.

  5. the crust looks lovely! well done on the excellent pie.

  6. Your pie looks so great… and the photo montage is beautiful.

  7. I wish more things in life would come with picture tutorials 🙂
    Looks great

  8. Your pie looks great!! Mine was a bit runny too!

  9. Teresa on said:

    Love the photos – Happy August!

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