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For the Love of Butter! (Nectarine Upside-down Chiffon Cake)

I dream of a world where my “everyday” dessert would be a nectarine upside-down chiffon cake instead of a soft serve ice cream cone from McDonald’s drive thru. In this world, time would be  abundant and calories wouldn’t count. The last part would be important for how I baked this week’s challenge. You see, I decided to take a challenging but doable cake and add my own “spin” on it.

It all started famously. Almonds roasted perfectly! Beautiful mounds of sifted ingredients! Glorious cuts of nectarines (well..maybe not as ripe as we would have hoped)!

It was a beautiful start.

Then– we got to the point where we pulled the streusel out of the oven. It was “wet” (according to Jessica.) Sneakily (or due to a lack of attention) I had DOUBLED the butter in the streusel. Who adds more butter to any of Julia’s recipe’s? Two thumbs point to this girl. No problem, dust off and get back on that horse. I dash off to the store and Jessica remakes the streusel.

Attempt number one                                                              Attempt number two

Fast forward past the whipping of the eggs and folding of the batter

and we find ourselves at the end. This is the moment where I decided I need to live in a world where calories don’t count. Jessica pulled the cake out off the oven only to find a river of butter coming from the bottom of the spring form pan. Mortified, I look back at the recipe. Again I had DOUBLED the butter for the base. Instead of a half stick, I read half a cup and didn’t look back.

So here we sit 82 minutes later, waiting in anticipation of our butter laden nectarine upside-down chiffon cake. Because we live in a world where time and calories matter–we are hoping the cake hurries to bake and the excess butter gets steamed out. It will be rich and delicious for sure. A little extra butter can’t hurt, even in this world.

We shall see…..
* Side note: I was mistaken, a little extra butter did not help our cause. When we flipped the cake it ended up having excessive liquid which made the cake a touch soggy.  We ate and enjoyed it anyway!


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7 thoughts on “For the Love of Butter! (Nectarine Upside-down Chiffon Cake)

  1. I like the way you put the extra streusel in the middle. I bet it was good, excessive butter or no.

  2. It looks great! You’d never know if you didn’t tell us…

  3. looked beautiful and I believe Julia would say there is no such thing as too much butter! And that’s the world we all should live in!

  4. Ha ha ha! I did the same thing with the butter! Fortunately I caught the mistake when it looked like a butter pool in the bottom of the pan and I reread the recipe.
    I agree with the others never too much butter.

  5. Wow, moral of this story is “you really can use too much butter.” I actually decreased the butter on the bottom because I didn’t want it running every where. Turns out … it ran everywhere anyway!

    Nice post! Blessings, Catherine

  6. I have read that butter makes everything better! The important thing is that you enjoyed it!

  7. Your cake looks beautiful – and hey, it’s butter, it can’t be all bad…

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