Trumping the Tart

A tale of tasty trials

From Blase to Flambe

Pumpkin-cranberry-walnut-raisin-cinnamon-nutmeg loaf: a recipe of all things delicious.
We managed to eat this bread by 9pm, an hour improvement from the last TWD recipe. And a flavor improvement (simmer down, you whole-grain lovers). We took the advice from the TWD comments section and used dried cranberries instead of frozen. We also briefly debated adding chocolate chips instead of cranberry. I think I will need to start indulging my ‘add chocolate to everything’ side more often; pumpkin-chocolate sounds amazing. But our debate concluded with agreeing to stick to the recipe, as we now know where to find the canned pumpkin at the store and we are cultivating some solid bread-making skills. This bread will rise again.

However, I think a weird creativity seed was planted during our debate. After reading in the comments that this bread could possibly turn out bland, we thought we could fix that little issue. Still sticking to the recipe, maybe. Just add some cinnamon bourbon to our walnuts and set them on fire, good idea! Turns out that flambe is probably a better idea with items more plump and juicy, as they don’t burn.

We pulled out the fried walnuts and left in the other bourbon-shocked ones, still a little wet. No matter, our mixer likes wet, and with the wet pumpkin, it could churn away with much less agitation. It fluffed out a nice sticky dough mass that was still somehow easy to stretch and shape into two dough log rolls.

The bread baked for 40 min to reach the deep golden color in the recipe. It smelled like Thanksgiving-Christmas. We ate and, of course, assessed. It was a ‘good-tasting’ bread: moist, sweet-tart cranberries, and strangely quiet walnuts that lost their flambe excitement somewhere in the baking process. A good-tasting bread that will be great for breakfast.

See the swirl pattern?

Visit our host, Rebecca, for the recipe!


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7 thoughts on “From Blase to Flambe

  1. We love this bread, too. It is great for breakfast and sandwiches.

  2. I am with you…add chocolate to everything 🙂

  3. How exciting the flambing process!
    I’ve slightly caramelized the walnuts the second time I’ve baked it and I liked it better.
    Toasted is the best!

  4. It would have been great with chocolate. I’m going to try making it with white chocolate next time.

  5. Looks like you had fun with this recipe! We like it as well but I will probably make a pumpkin bread with chocolate chips later this week.
    Love your photos, have a great day.

  6. Ambitious! Looks like you enjoyed making this recipe. We also had fun with our gf version, and it turned out to be really delicious. Love the picture of your dog. Our corgi is very similar. Always easy to find when anything is baking or cooking in the kitchen. 😉 Thanks for sharing.

  7. Your bread looks lovely but is being upstaged by the little pup! Blessings, Catherine

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