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Wheat Loaves

We finally get to use that wheat flour! This week’s TWD took us down a healthier road and reminded us of our roots. Our first TWD was the White Loaves. We spent a few moments reminiscing, knowing now that we can make the call on a dead yeast batch and not waste precious minutes yelling at it. We know how to unscrew that stuck mixer bowl by cramming it under the cabinet and wrenching it against the wall. We know how to put away some delicious desserts.

Flashback to our white loaves

Anyways, back to the now. We left out the malt because no one wanted to hunt it down. That said, this city offers a plethora of beer brewing supply stores; if we could efficiently use a gallon of malt extract, perhaps to make 256 wheat loaves, we know where to go.

Wheat loaf making went without issues, other than the need to free the overgrown dough blob from the mixer and instead knead by hand.

Time to knead

Fingerprint test

The loaves baked for exactly 35 min and turned a lovely golden brown. Being so lovely, we of course sliced it immediately. It was also 10pm and with the bread aroma spread through the house, we did not want our pining for a slice to haunt our dreams. So good, warm and smooth with a tiny hint of honey. I hope our loaves make it to breakfast.

Close enough

Here’s the links for this week’s recipe hosts, Michele and Teresa.


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15 thoughts on “Wheat Loaves

  1. gingerskeeper on said:

    Looks good! We sure have learned a lot since white loaves.

  2. It’s amazing how far we’ve come in a few months’ time. The white loaves were good, but these are by far my favourite of the two.

  3. I love your pictures! Your bread looks really good! Im gld you enjoyed the recipe!

  4. I hadn´t joined the group for the white loaves, but these are a winner. Nice bread you made!

  5. we have certainly gotten better with each baking challenge. Glad the loaves turned out well!

  6. Your breads look great. The white one are so tall!
    This is my favourite recipe from the book so far. Such a versatile bread is a dream!

    We had it toasted and not-toasted with butter and honey or butter and jam,
    we use it for sandwiches or anytime we like to eat bread.
    I have tons in the freezer, now.

  7. Nothing better than warm bread especially at 10 PM! Perfect.

  8. I love that you bake together! 🙂

  9. you are bread experts now!

  10. Ha, I have visions of the mixer wedges and someone wrestling the bowl free. That is awesome!
    Sounds like you have come a long way!

  11. So fun to look back and see how far we have come! 🙂

  12. I am surprised your KA didn’t hold the bread, mine did but I did keep it on low. Your pictures are great! Thank you! Catherine

  13. bevwinchester on said:

    Oh yes, I too have had to wrestle the bowl off of my KA mixer after a particularly harrowing bread kneading session! Your bread looks beautiful!

  14. Finger test and a thermometer test? 🙂

  15. beautiful work! There’s nothing like fresh bread at 10 pm

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